Monday, October 19, 2009

10 tips: what to do when you've been laid off

1. The first thing is to get yourself a routine...on your terms of course.
2.Getting up at the same time each morning wards off angst and makes you feel more in charge of your life.
3.Aim to spend at least a third of your day doing jobsearch stuff. That does'nt include surfing the web reading jobsites.
4.Get out there. Meet people, lots of your mates have probably lost their jobs too and you can vent your frustration with them but stick to coffee and avoid hitting the bottle. Easier said than done of course. But it's the road to ruin, emotional and financial.
5. Become an expert in a topic you love. Blog about it. It gives you focus and a presence.
6. Commit an act of kindness. Volunteers report being happiest than the rest of us. Contributing in some way to your community is sociable, educational and uplifting. You never know where it may lead
7. Seek advice. Ask people continously for their opinion on your job search activity. From CVs to what type of jobs might suit you, everyone loves to give their viewpoint and you will get insights that didn't occur to you.
8. Never ask directly for a job, see above. By asking for advice people will tell you when they hear of something suitable.
9. Try your hand at things you've always wanted to do but put off due to lack of time and energy
10. Join as many associations and clubs as you can, get free invites to conferences,sometimes just asking the organisers works a treat. The more events you attend, the more people at work you meet, which translates to hearing about more openings.

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