Monday, July 27, 2009

the characteristics required to be your own boss

Most people at some point dream of working for themselves. And why wouldn't they? For many who have been made redundant or lost a job through no fault of their own, resentment rides high for the way they were treated after years of hardwork and loyalty. Its only natural to want to have control over your life and having your own businesss seems like the way to finally make decisions for yourself, work the hours you want and take holidays when you choose and earn the kind of income you think you are worth.

Sadly there is no fool proof test,survey or formula that will let you know if you are cut out for self employment or not despite the sites you may find when you do online research. Many highly successful leaders fail when they try their own start up and many failed employees do exceedingly well working for themselves.

There are certain indisuputable characteristics that entrepreneurs share.

Intensity is top of my list because people I've met who have managed to stay in business for over two years all share this quality. It exceeds having passion for what they do, as they have this total conviction for what they are doing. This can come across as a bit much, but you can't help but admire their self belief. I'm not even sure if it is self confidence, as I think everyone gets fearful in business, suffering occasional night sweats or blind panic before an important pitch.

How do you acquire this 'intensity' for something. Most clients I work with who want to work for themselves dont have a great idea and think with the right idea they would have the required energy to kickstart a great new business.
I don't think this is the case.You need to believe that you can deliver better, faster, or cheaper than your competitors. And you have to be able to convince others that you do. This means having a borderline compulsion disorder. Because the only way you can prove you are the best in your field is by ruthlessly researching the competition,repeatedly targeting potential customers who eventually are beaten down by your intensity. And that's the most important quality you need,.so if you dont have it you need to rethink entrepreneurship or ensure your partner is intense.

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